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Ultra Dream Snowboard
Ultra Dream Snowboard 152
Ultra Dream Snowboard 155
Ultra Dream Snowboard 158
Ultra Dream Snowboard 161
Ultra Dream Snowboard 164

Ultra Dream Snowboard





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Description & Specs

We’ve all been there before… Whether sitting in class or at work, in one way shape or form dreaming of snowboarding and smashing through open powder fields is something we as snowboarders share; our Ultra Dream snowboard was created to ensure that mouthwatering daydream never fades. Loaded with BC Shaping, Tweekend™ tip and tail and All-Terrain Baseline, our Ultra Dream snowboard will change lives and live up to its name.
Backcountry Baseline

All Terrain Baseline

Shred It All In One Day Versatility

Backcountry Baseline

  • Features: Baseline: All Terrain with Tweekend™, Damping: Standard, Construction: Hybritech™ , Shape: Backside Hyper Progressive, Stance: Setback 3/4” (19mm), Core: Bambooyah™ Blend WH4, Additives: Carbon Web™ II, Glass: ICG 20 / Biax, Base: Ø Sintered, Base Bevel: 1°
  • Sizes: 152, 155, 158, 161, 164



BC Shaping

A new approach to powder and backcountry board shaping. This revolutionary philosophy brings more control, stability and ways to draw lines in the fresh.

BC Shaping Bags Technology


BAMBOOYAH® expands out into more models in this it’s second year. We now offer original Bambooyah cores and the all new Bambooyah Blended cores. Created for models that could benefit from just a little bit of Bambooyah’s incredible strength. A little it of Bambooyah goes a long way.

Bambooyah Bags Technology

AT Tweekend

A revolutionary tweek to the ends of our industry leading Baseline technology. By extending the Baseline rocker all the way out to the absolute ends of the board, new ride-able surface is unlocked, giving you a bigger, more stable platform to float and land on.

AT Tweekend Bags Technology