Hello my name is… Ben Kilner
Buddies call me… Kildog or Kiln
I grew up in… The Royal Deeside, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Now I´m living… Same place!
People from UK are… Patriotic and our mood depends on the weather (which is mostly raining and miserable)
You mostly find me shredding… In the USA around the Parks and sometimes on a pow day you will find me face down, arse up!
The first time I strapped on a snowboard… I was 9 years old! Had a family lesson on my local slope here in Scotland
I ride K2 because… There is nothing better for me out there.
My favorite trick… backside 7
Snowboarding is… bloody awesome!! Nothing else compares
I´m pretty much into… Golf, cars and anything exciting!
My headphones play… Van Halen and plenty of house tunes!
What makes me laugh… is when I get together with my mates. Never a dull moment!
I´m freakin´out… about global warming!! What we going to do with no snow?!
Seek & Enjoy… Is another way to describe how we like to be creative and think of new things that are original. We find something to do that is new and get a mass of enjoyment out of it when it works out! Snowboarding provides plenty of it!