Danny Larsen Action 01


Oslo, Norway
Current Residence:
Northern darkness
K2, L1, Spy, Etnies, Thirtytwo, Elm, Session Boardshop, Clast, Howl
Years Riding:
Not enough
New regular, aka goofy 18, -9

“Individuals are all unique but often hard to distinguish especially in snowboarding where trends come and go bringing with them those that follow. Danny Larsen is original, sticking to his Norwegian roots which just so happens to be incredibly interesting.” – Peter Mullenbach (K2 Team Manager)

To be honest, I don't really think black metal inspires my snowboarding more than other things I like. But still it is clearly connected. People see snowboarding in a different way, for some it's a sport, others a lifestyle and for me it's mainly a feeling. To be able to see and ride what others don't see. To flow with your surroundings, break the pattern, do what's natural and at the same time come up with something unexpected. Mix in a dark atmosphere and you pretty much have how I experience black metal. To boil it down, snowboarding and black metal are just two sides of me that sometimes look a like.


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