Hallo my name is… Niklas Mattsson.
Buddies call me… Mattsson.
I grew up in…Sundsvall/ Sweden.
Now I´m living… in Sundsvall.
Sweden… is the best place on earth!
You mostly find me shredding… in parks.
The first time I strapped on a snowboard… was in 1997, as a 5 year old, shredding like a beast.
I ride K2 because… I love the products, and it's a brand that I feel good about represent.
My favorite trick… cork bs 360.
Snowboarding is… my job, my future, and my way of life.
I´m pretty much into… all kind of sports.
Seek & Enjoy means to me… to find your own way of riding, 'cause it never ends…

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